Hello Sienna Neighbors,


We are coming into the winter holiday season.  Thankfully, we live in the Houston area and do not have to put up with the winter conditions that are poor friends in the north have to put up with.  However, the milder winter conditions in the Houston area can still cause some problems for you because we can get freezing temperatures for small periods of time. To make sure that you do not have issues due to winter time conditions in Texas, here are some tips for your consideration.


Be proactive about antifreeze.  If  you have 100,000 miles on your car or have had your car for 5 years and have never changed it out,  you should do a radiator flush and fill.  Radiator coolant breaks down over time/ with use, so this is something that must be done to keep your engine  running well.  It is a good idea to do this before it gets to wintertime conditions.  We also check your drive belts and radiator hoses with this service to make sure you have no pending problems.


Batteries – Summer heat kills the batteries in your car.  However, you don’t find out usually that you have a weak battery until a cold morning in December.  Have your mechanic check the battery for service life remaining and check all cables and connection for corrosion.  Typically, a battery life will not exceed 3 years in the Houston area due to the oppressive heat that the batteries have to endure during the summer months.  Get it checked out now before we get a real cold spell and you are left stranded.


Wiper Blades – Weak wiper blades will rip off the mount when we get a morning with ice on the windshield.  Also, there is a lot more grime that accumulates on the windshields during the winter months.  Check your wiper blades now before they give you a problem when you need them the most.  They are very inexpensive to replace


Tires – With colder temperatures, your tires will deflate a bit.  It is simple physics.  Check your tire pressures often during the cold weather to keep them at the right pressure.  The correct tire pressure for your tires is located on a sticker on the drivers door/ door jamb.  It is not located on the tire.  There is only a maximum tire pressure rating on the tire.  Keeping your tires at proper inflation levels helps extend the life of the tires and gets you better gas mileage and better traction in wet/ icy weather.  Also, check your tire tread depth.  If your tire tread is depleted, it is time for new tires.  Tires with little tread depth are more dangerous in wet/ icy weather.


Engine Oil – You really don’t need to do anything more than stay on your normal oil change interval (5,000 miles) and use the recommended oil for your car.  You can find the recommended oil in your owners manual or in many cases on the oil fill cap.  Do not go to a lighter weight engine oil in the winter time.  Stick with what your owners manual/ oil fill cap specify.  Our winters are not that severe here and if you go to a lighter oil you may be doing damage to your engine.  Always follow manufacturer specifications and use a quality oil.  Your engine will benefit from a good oil.


Headlights – Many vehicles have headlights that are almost opaque.  Over time, the ceramic materials that make up the headlight lamps can cloud up and reduce the visibility of your lights.  The only way to truly make this right is to replace the headlights.  There are a lot of aftermarket lights available now that bring the costs way down, so check with your mechanic to see what they can do for you.  There is a big difference, especially in bad weather and at night, between older opaque lights and new light assemblies.  It can make a big difference in your safety.




At Cars and Trucks, we can check all of these items for you and will do it as a courtesy to our customers.  Call Bill English to schedule an appointment or to just drop in for us to look over your vehicle.  We can not thank the people of Sienna Plantation enough for supporting our small business.  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the people in the neighborhood.


Bill English of

Cars and Trucks

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