The List is a family-friendly print and digital magazine serving Missouri City ,Sugar Land. We offer compelling and fact-filled content that spotlights all of the fascinating elements of these upwardly mobile and booming neighborhoods.

Like any good publication serving the community, we champion local entrepreneurs and small businesses. We believe that they can offer services, craftwork and products unique to our local culture.

For this reason, we offer several ad options in our full-color print magazines—which reaches over 38,000 homes on a monthly basis—including an option for a full-page insert.

We are always looking to help others improve their quality of life, and we serve as a guide for parents and kids alike. The List not only wants to stimulate the curiosity of our readers with engaging content, but we also believe in the importance of engaging our audience through civil discussions. This is why our social media pages openly invite everyone to share their comments or interesting photos with the rest of us.

After all, the spirit of a tight knit and vibrant community doesn’t just mill around outside when you close your front door, it’s present when you open our front page as well.


Once upon a time, Allen had a dream of starting a local magazine. They envisioned a community journal that perfectly fits into the 21st century culture—short but concise, informative and dynamic—yet it retained good ole’ editorial writing. They also wanted to help their fellow entrepreneurs, who were dreamers like them, by giving local small business owners a platform to show everyone what they had to offer.

That fairytale became something better than a happy ending; it became a reality. Today The List is read by thousands of people online and in print. Their editorial voice speaks to the community the way two neighbors chit-chat in the yard on Sunday mornings. This relationship creates a unique dynamic between the magazine and its readers.

The List’s advertising program has helped many of the community’s entrepreneurs boost their businesses in the same way friendly strangers encouraged Allen in their journey to make their dreams come true.

The List had humble beginnings, but its ambitions are aimed at the future. We all start somewhere and never forgetting our roots is important. However, where you’re going is just as important, and this little magazine in Fort Bend County knows exactly where it wants to be: in front of you.