by Alisa Murray

Grab a Glamour or a Vanity Fair magazine and browse through your favorite models and celebrities. Find a new hairdo that you love and take that to the one that does your do! Start out fresh with a new look to roll out a new year!


Clean out all your makeup and throw away anything that is old and gunky. Consider starting a new beauty regimen. There’s nothing more fabulous than a new lipstick color…or in my case a different shade of RED.


Make a list from the Bestsellers line up and plan out your reading for the year. On my nightside table now, The Hare with Amber Eyes by Edmund de Waal.


Plan out a perfect dinner party and invite each friend to share their resolutions for this year. Perhaps telling others will help all of you stick tight to your goals!


Set yourself up with a mindfulness program. There’s plenty of apps that will stop you during your busy day and “remind” you to step back and enjoy the here and right now.


Take a picture of yourself every day for the entire year and on January 1, 2020 play it back fast. You’ll be able to witness in speed lighting how you change each day.


Find yourself a hobby. Put your creativity to work and study whatever it is that you are interested in and use that for your holiday giving in 2019.


Go through your pantry and reline the shelves and paint. Organize every can of soup and box of pasta all the while planning meals for quick suppers and lunches for your family.


Pick up a little notebook and stick it in your pocket book. When you are out and about write down little thoughts that you are having. Something just might inspire you to do something you’ve never done before.


Always remember to take away the technology and connect with your children and family. Make supper time the central place for connecting with each other.