Want to plan a vacation but want to stay close to home? Sugar Land is full of interesting places to visit if you want to enjoy the summer but keep a little money in your wallet. A vacation close to home can be as fun as any trip out of state. So, if you’re looking for places to visit around town, why not consider the following destinations?

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, then you’ll want to take a trip to Cullinan Park Conservancy. Cullinan Park is among the largest nature parks in all of Houston. Located off of Highway 6 near West Airport Boulevard, the park is the perfect place to visit if you want to see some of the natural sights of the region. Prairie lands sit on the north and woods border the south, while the park is also home to lakes and rivers. The park is also a favorite of those who like to go bird watching.

Meanwhile, history lovers will find plenty to see at George Ranch Historical Park. Located south of Interstate 69 along Smithers Lake, the Historical Park takes visitors on a journey through Texas history. There are four generations of homes that date from four major periods in history located in the park. The earliest of the homes dates back to the 1830s and reflects how the earliest Texas settlers lived. Meanwhile, the latest home is the 1930s George Home and Cattle Complex, where A.P. and Marnie George operate a cattle ranch. A trip to the park is a trip through Texas history.

There’s also a place where science lovers can travel. The Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar Land is sandwiched between Highway 6 and Interstate 69 along University Boulevard. Guests can find permanent exhibits that include space images, animal displays, and showcases of beautiful geological minerals. Another popular part of the museum is the Hall of Paleontology, where visitors will find impressive displays of dinosaur bones from across history. Finally, the Discover Works exhibit is a place where kids can go hands on with different science experiments.

Want to just find a place to take the family and indulge in some food and fun? Main Event Entertainment is located off of Interstate 69 near West Airport Boulevard. This is the place to go if you want to treat the family to sliders, burgers, wings, and pizza. Once the dinner is over, you can jump on over to the bowling lanes and test your bowling skills. There’s also a laser arena where you can have family friendly laser firing fun in a multi-level adventure. There’s also video games to play, karaoke to sing, and mini golf to play.

Vacationing doesn’t have to take you far from home. You can find fun for the whole family anywhere around Sugar Land. No matter if you’re looking to just have fun or enjoy some educational entertainment, Sugar Land has it all.