Can you believe it’s already October?

Halloween is right around the corner and from there starts the whirlwind of holiday activities.

With the hustle and bustle, of the end of the year, it’s important to consider making time to give back to yourself. Not only does it benefit you but it also has incredible benefits for your relationship.

Self-care is important for a number of reasons but the primary reason is to help manage stress. Finding time to do the things that allow you to feel relaxed or happy is vital to your health and overall well-being.

Often times we are constantly on the go-go-go until our bodies force us to shut down. Which is when we realize, we have spread ourselves too thin.

There is a tremendous amount of awareness about the importance of self-care but the question is Are you really making the time to take care of yourself?

This month, I decided to plan a relaxing Sunday afternoon at one of the oldest Houston day spas, Sanctuary Spa.

The spa is nestled between River Oaks and Montrose neighborhoods. It’s one of the first day spas founded in the United States, in 1984. They are also known for their aroma therapeutic and holistic health approach in their services and products.

The spa offers award winning services, which include facials, massage, bodywork, hair removal and hydrotherapy. They also now carry the highly sought-after anti-aging product, Knesko Mask. I personally got to experience this mask and I can’t tell you how smooth and hydrated it left my skin. Perfect to do right before an event or special occasion.

Sanctuary Spa has also been featured and recognized in many publications like Vogue, Allure and Travel & Leisure.

Did you know that research has shown that making time for massage can help boost your ability to deal with stress and even fight disease?

Marriages, especially, have many layers of responsibilities that can lead to high levels of stress. Heading to a spa together is a great way to decompress and also helps to reconnect. Best part, it forces you to set down your electronics and be present with one another.

For our date we did the Sea Salt Scrub, Infusion tub therapy and a couple’s massage. It was exactly what we needed. Once we left the spa it got me thinking about the areas I need to focus more on the create good self-care habits. Like, time management, eating healthy, exercise, reducing stress (whenever possible) and making more time for relaxation.

We all know the importance of self-care. The hard part sometimes is making it happen. Try to make the time daily, weekly and monthly. Make it something that is non -negotiable. If you don’t put yourself first, no one will do it for you. When you are at your best not only will it benefit you but it will also benefit everyone around you as well.

Hope this helps inspire you to take time to relax and maybe even plan a fun spa date with your significant other.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our visit to Sanctuary Spa.