by: Alisa Murray


One of the most fabulous ways to celebrate the arrival of spring is with fresh cut flowers. I always see bouquets at the market and most times I pick up a bundle. Sometimes they are prettier than others and much of that is due to being crushed in transport. As many of you are already growing your own vegetables in your backyard, why not try to set aside a small patch and plant flowers specifically designed for cutting and arranging in your home? There are countless variations on what to plant and when. Here are a few tips on starting your very own cutting garden and saying bye-bye to bundles at the grocery store!

First of all, you will want to set aside a patch of land that will be exclusively for growing flowers to be cut. This is very different from most of us have, which are flower beds.

You don’t want to cut a big chunk of flowers that are supposed to dress up and enrich the curb appeal of your home. This patch of land needs to be able to grow wildly so that when you get into it, you’ll find the arrangement right there amongst the flowering plants.

For our region in Texas you’ll want to plant bulbs, annuals, and perennials. That means some will shoot up and make flowers and they will predictably do so again in the next years. The perennials are your fillers and can change colors year round. The annuals will stay through the colder months green and then they will bloom once a year…although there are a few hybrids that will bloom more than once in a year, just check with your local shrub and flower shop and they can help.

Here are my top 12 best flowers for starting and maintaining a cutting garden.













You can find bulbs and seeds right now in our local markets. Remember to pick your colors based on the colors you use in your home, so that when your blooms blossom you’ll have a workable palate that will compliment your home brilliantly!