Wii Console and accesories

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Price: $150

4 Wii controllers/numchucks
1 charging station for 2 controllers and 1 set of rechargeable batteries for 2/4 controllers
Wii gaming controller pro black
Wii fitness board
Gaming tower with input cable & power cord
26 games including: Mario Super Sluggers, Spooky Manor, Lego Batman, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Blast works, Drawn to life, Tony Hawks Proving Ground, Cardio workout, Madden 07, Call of Duty Blackops, Spyborgys, Mario cart, Wii fit, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Goldeneye 007, Game Party 2, Rock band 2, Family Fun Football, Star Wars the Force unleashed 2, Wii play, Fifa soccer 11, Family Game Night 3, Lego Star Wars :the complete saga, New Super Mario Bros, Wii Party, Wii sports.
Rock band microphone
Wii Motion sensor