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NAC focuses on helping individuals, small and medium sized businesses, and attorneys deal with the financial, forensic and legal intricacies of business, family, estate and tax disputes. Its goal is to provide sound advice in planning, zealous advocacy in lawyering and impartial opinions in financial forensic and dispute consulting endeavors.

Tax Planning, Compliance and Controversies: Tax planning, controversy resolution and compliance become increasingly complex for individuals, small and medium sized businesses (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, and a host of others) as the tax regime changes constantly. This is a particularly important consideration when life changing events take place. These life changing events, such as marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, and investment decisions, can trigger unwanted tax consequences. As such, we aim to ascertain that our clients comply with the tax legal and regulatory requirements and help them resolve their tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and local and state taxing agencies. This, via the implementation of sound tax planning and controversy resolution strategies to optimize our clients’ financial condition.

Family Law:Marriage, divorce, separation and child birth have gigantic consequences in someone’s life and a person’s business, even if structured as a separate legal entity. At NAC Legal we focus on the economic consequences of marriage, divorce and child rearing. Child custody, visitation rights, domestic violence and other related matters are certainly a big part of the equation; however our core competencies allow us to help clients focus and resolve matters related to:

•Premarital Agreements

•Postnuptial Agreements (TX)


•Child Support

•Spousal Maintenance

•Property Division or Partition

Estates, Wills and Probate: At NAC Legal we strive to help you prepare for life’s continuously changing patterns and conditions. We understand that people have a need to manage and plan for risks and uncertainties as life changing events affect you and your loved ones. It is imperative that people plan for their future and for the unexpected; it is also imperative to address issues upon the occurrence of a death in the family. We are equipped to help you and your loved ones deal with matters ranging from will execution, probate, estate planning and partitions and a host of other needs that are certain to arise. Our estates, wills and probate services may include:

•Estate tax planning

•Will drafting

•Durable powers of attorney

•Probate of will/estate

•Administration of estates (independent / dependent)

•Probate of will as muniment of title

•Property transfers

  • Address 4225 Sienna Parkway #120, Missouri City, TX 77459, USA

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