The summer is just around the corner, and there’s no time to volunteer like summertime, particularly for young people. With school out, more time is available for younger people to give back to the community. However, people of all ages can give back in different ways. In fact, right now, different organizations are reaching out and hoping to attract volunteers for many different projects meant to better the surrounding city.

For instance, the Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees (PAIR) is currently accepting applications. PAIR is committed to giving young refugees the tools they’ll need to successfully navigate within American society. It does so through several incredible programs that it runs throughout the year. Its Global Leaners program, for instance, helps refugees learn the English language. It also helps them become academically successful within the country and helps them develop supportive social bonds.

However, PAIR also operates several other programs that help refugees in different ways. Its Global Leaders program is meant to teach refugees the skills necessary to graduate from high school and then college. Its Global Scholars program is meant to increase the number of refugees accepted into colleges and universities. Finally, the Summer Pair program brings together middle school aged refugees and helps them build social and academic skills in a hands-on environment.

However, PAIR isn’t the only group looking for volunteers. The Fort Bend ISD maintains a list of many different organizations that are always looking for help. SIRE Therapeutic Horsemanship, for instance, is perfect for animal lovers. This program improves the quality of life of special needs individuals by using therapeutic horsemanship activities. Volunteers help clients with their riding activities, including providing both verbal and physical support.

The Fort Bend County Libraries are also constantly on the lookout for volunteers. Each library has its own volunteering needs, so there’s the potential to help in any one of a number of activities, like summertime reading programs. For anyone who wants to help feed the neediest in Houston, the Houston Foodbank is yet another organization that is regularly looking for help. Volunteers process and pack food that’s sent to warehouses, after which the food is distributed around the city.

If you need more help finding a volunteer organization that’s right for you, then sign up for the Serve Sugar Land program. Serve Sugar Land isn’t one specific program. Instead, it’s designed to connect people to volunteering opportunities. Applicants need to be 18 years of age or older, and all applications need to include a list of a person’s interests. This is how Serve Sugar Land connects people to appropriate volunteering opportunities. People under the age of 18 can also volunteer. However, they also need to attach a parent approval form.

Of course, if you want to give back to the city and earn a little money at the same time, then Fort Bend County is always looking to hire lifeguards for work over the summer. This is a great way to help keep others safe while also making a little cash during the summer break.