The 2018 mid-term elections are almost upon us, and that means it’s almost time to get ready to vote. If you’re a first-time voter, it can be hard to navigate your way through all the requirements needed to vote. Here’s an easy guide for first time voter to follow if they want to vote in Texas this year.

Anybody who wants to register to vote in Texas can use the National Voter Registration Act form. This form can be filled out by anyone who lives in the U.S. and can be used to register to vote in Texas. You’ll want to report any change of address and register your political affiliation.

The application is straight forward. In the first five boxes, you’ll need to fill out your full name, home address, mailing address, date of birth, and telephone number. While the first five boxes are fairly straightforward, boxes six through nine are where you’ll want to be careful. Each state requires different information in these boxes.

For the state of Texas, you’ll want to provide your driver’s license number in Box 6. If you don’t have a driver’s license, then you will need to fill in your social security number. For anyone with neither a driver’s license number nor a Social Security number, enter “NONE” and you will be assigned a unique voting number by the state of Texas.

In Box 7, you can register with a party. However, in the state of Texas, you do not have to register with a party to vote in that party’s primaries. Since state primaries are over, you won’t have to worry about primary voting for 2018. In Texas, you don’t have to fill out Box 8. However, you need to indicate that you meet the age requirement by filling in Box 9. You can register to vote in Texas two months before your 18th birthday.

Keep in mind that you can check the Texas Secretary of State website for a voter registration application as well.

  • Submit your application

You cannot submit your voter registration application online. Instead, you need to submit it to your Voter Registrar’s office. You can submit the application in-person or by mail. However, every county in Texas has its own registrar’s office. You will need to find your county office by looking it up on the Texas Secretary of State website. Your voter registration must be postmarked 30 days before the election.

  • Find Your Polling Location and Vote

Finding your polling location may actually be the simplest part of voting. You can go to to find your location on your “My Vote Page.” When you reach your polling place, you will want to have one of the following and make sure it has not been expired for more than four years:

Texas Driver License
Texas Election Identification Certificate
Texas Personal Identification Card
Texas Handgun License
United States Military Identification Card
United States Citizenship Certificate
United States Passport