The summer is coming and with it, the chance to become more involved in the community. While there are many ways of becoming involved in the community, one organization offers a number of different ways of becoming more engaged. Second Mile helps connect hundreds of volunteers to service opportunities.

Second Mile services the residents of Fort Bend County and specifically focuses on residents living in poverty. The organization also helps those who are going through periods of crisis. The Second Mile Mission Center helps meet the basic needs of these residents by providing healthcare and food. This aid is helpful during crisis periods and provides the sort of stability that people need to become self-sufficient in the long-term.

Food and healthcare support aren’t the only ways the Second Mile helps the community. The center also sponsors programs that teach visitors about managing their finances and finding financial assistance when they need it. Second Mile Mission Center also provides visitors with job training that can help them find stable employment. There are also seasonal events that the community hosts, including putting together supplies for students heading back to school and toys for children at Christmas.

For anyone who wants to volunteer, Second Mile offers many chances for residents to help. One of the most common ways that visitors can help is by participating in the center’s pantry. Second Mile is always looking for help keeping track of how much food is in the pantry, loading food into people’s cars who need the additional support, and stocking the pantry when food arrives at the center. Groups can also come together to help the pantry by hosting food drives designed to help restock the center’s food stocks.

Volunteers can also serve in the Opportunity Shop. The Opportunity Shop sells high quality, gently used clothing, shoes, and accessories. The Opportunity Shop affords those on tight budgets the chance to purchase high quality clothing without having to spend beyond their means. Volunteers at the opportunity shop can help by helping hang decorations, display clothes and accessories, and generally keep the store looking attractive. Volunteers can also help sort items in the warehouse that will eventually go out for sale.

However, one of the most important functions a volunteer can serve is as a listening ear. Volunteers who feel comfortable can provide one-on-one help to families and individuals, providing compassionate service and hearing them out during their time of need. Sometimes, volunteers will help with those who are pursuing jobs or financial goals. Volunteers may at other times act as compassionate support for those in need. Because this is a particularly sensitive role, volunteers will need to be trained before they can take on these roles. However, this can be a particularly rewarding position for anyone who enjoys working with others.

Second Mile makes a list of its volunteers available on its website. Anyone interested helping the center can either visit or email the organization at Interested individuals can also give the center a call by dialing (281) 261-9199 extension 223. Whether you’re interested in a behind the scenes role restocking supplies or want to go hands on with those in need, Second Mile offers chances to volunteer for anyone who wants to get involved.