Earth Day 2019 falls on April 22nd. To celebrate, people will be getting together to celebrate the planet and bring attention to the need to be good caretakers of the earth. If you want to give back to the planet on a daily basis, just follow these simple tips and create a more planet friendly daily routine.

A massive trend over the last few years has been the move toward drinking more water. People now buy bottled water at the same rate as they buy soda. Enough oil is used making these water bottles every year that more than a million cars could be fueled using that oil. An estimated 190,000 homes could be powered using the energy that goes toward creating bottled water. These are some truly mind-blowing statistics that show just how much energy is used to create bottled water every year.

Even worse, the plastic that goes into packaging that water often finds its way out into nature. Less than 40% of all water bottles are recycled. So, instead of buying bottled water, choose to use reusable water bottles instead. Reusable water bottles help reduce the amount of plastic that finds its way into the environment and helps reduce the energy used to make bottled water.

Speaking of oil and cars, the fact is that Americans love to drive. Unfortunately, this isn’t great for the environment. Now, of course, Texas is very different from other states. Cities are more spread out, making it harder to get around without driving. However, you can still make small changes that can reduce how much time you spend in the car. Riding a bike might be a great way of just getting around your local neighborhood, for example. Wherever possible, finding ways to walk and or bike can help reduce the gas you burn when driving a car.

A lot of people fail to realize that electronics can actually be as harmful to the environment as burning tons of gas or tossing out tons of plastic bottles. Electronics leech material like mercury that can find their way into local water sources. These toxins can be very destructive to the environment, so think twice next time you’re cleaning up your home. Instead of throwing your electronics away, try and find out if there’s some way for you to recycle the electronics you no longer need.

The more electricity we use, the more harm we do to the environment. Excessive energy use requires natural resources and can lead to environmental pollution. So, take some steps to reducing your power usage. The simplest way of doing this involves turning off lights and other electronics whenever you’re not using them. You can build on this by upgrading your light bulbs that are more energy efficient. Finally, there are also all sorts of new devices that can help reduce your daily energy usage. Smart thermostats, for instance, help to reduce the energy you use to power your air condition and heating.

By following these simple tips, you can help build a better tomorrow for future generations.